Accessibility Developer Tools Upgraded

We've upgraded our instances of AccessLint Server to the latest version, to provide you with the latest Accessibility audit rules.

There are the new rules added:

  • [AX_ARIA_08] Elements with ARIA roles must ensure required owned elements are present.
  • [AX_ARIA_09] Elements with ARIA roles must be in the correct scope.
  • [AX_ARIA_10] This element has an unsupported ARIA attribute.
  • [AX_ARIA_11] This element has an invalid ARIA attribute.
  • [AX_ARIA_12] This element does not support ARIA roles, states and properties.
  • [AX_FOCUS_01] These elements are focusable but either invisible or obscured by another element.
  • [AX_FOCUS_02] Elements with onclick handlers must be focusable.
  • [AX_HTML_02] An element's ID must be unique in the DOM.

Click here to see the full list (25 rules).